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101 Reasons Why I Love Molly
101 Reasons Why I Love Molly

1.        She has the prettiest eyes ever

2.        She is the funniest girl I have ever met.

3.        She is a tiny little cutie

4.        She likes Star trek. More than I do

5.        She likes Star Wars. Not as much as I do.

6.        She likes Tron. More than I do.

7.        She is a legit nerd.

8.        She has the cutest lips and teethies.

9.        She has a good style.

10.     She is caring.

11.     She likes to talk to me.

12.     She is always herself.

13.     She likes to lay around.

14.     She has the greatest soundtrack music.

15.     She likes to change her hair a lot.

16.     She has a septum. With a nose that would look just as cute without it.

17.     She likes my facial hair.

18.     She has a good taste in music (usually:p)

19.     She likes my hairiness.

20.     She has an awful sense of humor, which is great for me.

21.     We played tetherball together (epitomizing the romance of Napoleon Dynamtie)

22.     She started reading GoT because I like it so much.

23.     She cares about architecture.

24.     She is a praying mantis, in all the cute ways.

25.     She likes tattoos.

26.     She has cool tattoos.

27.     She is a great RPer.

28.     She is antisocial.

29.     She is honest.

30.     We can lay around doing nothing all day and be happy.

31.     She burps and farts in front of me.

32.     She always says what’s on her mind.

33.     She is great at explaining her thoughts and feelings.

34.     She is so cute.

35.     She and I made Lily.

36.     She always wants to be with me in every game and RP.

37.     She doesn’t ‘test’ me.

38.     She is a great photographer.

39.     She wants me to be myself.

40.     She is coming to Germany to see me.

41.     She swears like a sailor.

42.     She makes the cutest faces.

43.     She likes to hold my hand.

44.     You can see her soul in her eyes.

45.     She has the nicest smile.

46.     She has soft skin.

47.     Her ‘ugly’ modeling.

48.     She writes favourite.

49.     Her singing.

50.     Her dancing.

51.     She doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.

52.     She is straightforward.

53.     I am not clingy enough for her.

54.     Her Ramen is the best.

55.     She likes bacon as much as I do.

56.     I can talk to her about anything.

57.     She gets me presents.

58.     We laugh so much together.

59.     She isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m being a dumbass.

60.     She bought me an engagement bracelet.

61.     I could talk to her all day forever.

62.     We like the same girls.

63.     The way she brushes her teeth is cute.

64.     Her rapid-fire kisses.

65.     She likes to cuddle.

66.     The look on her face when she is dancing.

67.     She loves puppies more than me.

68.     She gets along with everyone.

69.     She gets me presents.

70.     Her mixtape to me.

71.     She gave me so many things to remind me of her whilst I am in Germany.

72.     We both say a bagillion.

73.     She has the cutest cheeks.

74.     She is beautiful.

75.     She introduces me to people and tells them how great I am.

76.     She lets me open doors for her.

77.     She has the most epic little kid pictures.

78.     She showed me Mumford and Sons.

79.     She is so creative.

80.     She looks out for me.

81.     She helps me to see myself.

82.     She likes to take pictures with me.

83.     She is spontaneous.

84.     She dances at bowling alleys.

85.     She is so cute at shows.

86.     When she says WAT.

87.     She is hot.

88.     Her glasses.

89.     We have the best and most random conversations.

90.     She always wants to be with me in games and RP.

91.     Drawing on each other.

92.     She looks so cute in dresses.

93.     She is beautiful without make-up.

94.     She changes her hair all the time.

95.     She has the cutest walk.

96.     She has the cutest voice.

97.     She is supportive.

98.     I was ‘her one’ in English

99.     Her rapid-fire kisses.

100.  We play video games together.

101.  I have never been more happy in my whole entire life than I am with Molly.

Happy Birthday Mollipop! <3

I love you so much Molly. I hope your birthday is so great :D I am so excited for you and all that and I hope you get all my presents. I love you so much I wish I could be there <3 I love you love you love you love you :D

Why am I always wearing my Design/Build shirt when I make videos??

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